In conjunction with Christians Against Poverty, we run regular CAP Money courses.

CAP Money is a free course that will teach budgeting skills and a simple, cash-based system that works. In just a few weeks you will get to grips with your finances so that you can budget, save and prevent debt.

Whether you are pretty organised, or whether it is like a lucky dip every time that you try to withdraw cash from your account, the CAP Money course will help you take complete control of your finances.

The course run over 3 weeks, although the time and day can vary.

  • Week 1 - Introduction and Building a Budget
  • Week 2 - Balancing your budget, the CAP Money system and living on cash
  • Week 3 - Savings, Goals and Debt Reductions

There is homework , especially after week 1, and some pre-course work to do.

For more information contract or call the office on 01923 801643, or Steve on 01923 252519 (evenings and weekends are best, but answer machine available).

For more information about CAP and the CAP Money course try: