Our Sunday's at 7 services offer a varied programme each week.

It offers an informal way of meeting with God and His people through a wide variety of different activities.  Each evening has a different focus: Prayer and Communion on the first Sunday of each month; Sung Worship evenings, Bible Study, Testimony evenings, Reflection and Bible Meditation and Mission evenings.  
Our numbers vary between 12-30 each week which means everyone who wants to actively take part in discussion or sharing can, although there is never any pressure to do so for those who choose only to listen.

The evenings are lead by a variety of different people. One of the great strengths of Sunday@7 is the opportunity to be blessed by the range of gifts and ministries that are evidenced by those leading.  The evenings almost always finish by 8.00pm.
Tea and coffee are served afterwards.  This provides an opportunity for conversation and fellowship that is less hectic than after our morning Services together.  

Sunday@7 is a great blessing to those who attend and would always welcome new people to join us.  
For more information on Sunday's at 7, please contact us.