We love our young people and want to encourage them and help them to grow in their faith.

ALIVE is our fun, interactive club for children in school years 3 to 6. We are currently meeting on Zoom every Friday, 7-8pm, with plans to have one outing together at the end of term in line the current government guidelines.

To join please contact Sarah Pietropinto, Children and Families Worker

M: 07925998757

E: sarahp@busheybaptist.org.uk

At ALIVE our aim is to bring the life that Jesus has given us to all children we encounter at the club. On Zoom, we do this through:

  • Delivering an ALIVE pack with all the resources your child will need to join in.
  • Encouraging children to make friends in a safe environment online, with adults supervising to ensure all children are behaving well towards one another and the experience is child friendly.
  • Encouraging children to be confident and even silly if they want by starting off with a funny virtual icebreaker and a song and dance!
  • Playing a creative virtual game where children can earn points for winning.
  • Discovering the love Jesus has for us using the award winning Diary of a Disciple series (See Video link below).
    All children get a free book from this series which is full of funky doodles and a wittily translated part of the New Testament. It has been a big hit so far!
  • Scoring points to get prizes at the end of term with our currency BB Bucks! Points are awarded for taking part well, winning the weekly game, answering a question correctly and showing positive behaviour (listening well, being kind etc).
Diary of a Disciple Introductory Video from Scripture Union: https://youtu.be/p2DQI1o6GEQ