We recognise that gathering for prayer is vital to ensure that we are led by the Holy Spirit in all we do.

In the last year we have begun each week in the term by cancelling all activities to make room for prayer. After each service there is a prayer ministry team trained and available at the front of the church.

Regular prayer meetings are also held at different times in the Church and in peoples homes. We also meet to raise prayers up to God for specific needs.

Look to the Lord and his strength, seek his face always.

Sundays @ 7

Prayer and Communion in week 1 at Sundays @ 7.

Daytime prayer groups

There are several daytime prayer groups meeting in member's houses. Items for prayer are raised, discussed and noted and looked back over for encouragement and personal faith building. Prayer can be spoken or silent and duration range from a short period of time each week (fifteen minutes or so) to longer sessions, depending on the time available. A phone network is also available to share urgent needs, providing both personal and spiritual uplift.

For further details of day time prayer groups and any other prayer meetings please contact us.  01923 801643